Saint Philomena's Homeschool Co-Op 


Sr. Giovanna Marie, CMRI

Please see Sister Giovanna Marie

for information regarding the 2020-2021 school year

and for registration packets. 

  •        How to support Catholic Education:

    • Prayers- please keep our school in your daily prayers​

    • Economic support is always needed and appreciated

    • Fill out a pledge to help support the success of Catholic Education!

    • Ask your family and friends to help support our school! 

      • PAX TECUM! ​

Our Patroness, St. Philomena

      In the Fall of 2017, we received word from Reverend Mother Mary Agnes, CMRI, that she would be sending our parish two CMRI Sisters to assist our parish in the Catholic education of our children.  

      On September 3rd, 2019, Saint Philomena's Homeschool Co-Op will commence classes. Our Principal, Sister Giovanna Marie, has registration packets available for anyone who is interested in our school.  Sister Mary Teresita and Father Saunders will also be teaching classes for our students!  

      Please keep the success of our school and our religious in your prayers and intentions! If you would like to donate to our school please use the CONTACT form on this website! 

Mission Statement & Goal

      A Marian School educates its students to become industrious, moral and intellectual leaders who enhance society by the example of their Catholic lives. 

      Founded on Christian ethical principles, instruction emphasizes fundamental academic skills and perpetuates the legacy of western tradition. 

      Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, the academy challenges its students to perfect their characters, cultivate their talents and pursue their full potential. 

      A Marian School emphasis is pre-eminently spiritual, assisting students to cooperate with divine Grace and become true and perfect Christians, effecting transformation into Christ. 

      A Marian School is a place where parents and students must be committed to Catholic education and must become involved in the process of forming Christians. The academy is a dynamic school that is about the ever-challenging and eternal business of knowing, loving, and serving God. 

Tuition Rates

Please contact our Pastor using the CONTACTS form on this website for more information regarding tuition. 


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